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"I was raised in Dubai amidst the golden sands, endless sunshine, the soothing scent of the sea, and the comforting aroma of Arabic coffee. Growing up in a household steeped in musical traditions, I was immersed in a symphony of sounds. At home, the air was often filled with the melodies of traditional Arabic music, the timeless classics of Western compositions, the soulful rhythms of Arabian Gulf music, and the enchanting tunes of Indian and Persian melodies.

My journey into the world of music began at a tender age. I composed my very first song at the age of six, drawing inspiration from a poem in one of my schoolbooks. Encouraged by my father's unwavering support, I bravely performed it at a school event, setting the stage for my lifelong musical odyssey.

A year later, my career took flight in Cairo as I stepped into the lead role in Egypt's inaugural children's operetta. From that moment onward, life has been a whirlwind of musical notes and dramatic performances. By the age of 14, I had firmly established myself as a well-known singer, renowned for my vocal prowess, and an actor in the Arab cultural scene. This journey afforded me the incredible opportunity to grace stages worldwide, from the grand theatres of London to the vibrant landscapes of Shanghai.

My passion for music and theatre has been my North Star, guiding and nurturing me through every twist and turn of my journey. To me, a musician truly becomes a performer when the artistic creation comes alive on stage. Every expression, every gesture, every movement bears significance and wields a unique impact on the audience.

In 2008, a life-changing opportunity led me to Switzerland, where I embarked on an enriching musical residency. It was there that I made the pivotal decision to relocate to Bern, a move that would redefine both my career and my life.

Leaving behind the familiarity of Egypt marked a profound turning point. I embarked on a quest for new challenges, a fresh start.

I envisioned the transformation of the pop and traditional Arabic singer into a professional vocalist, composer, and performer with a strong pleasure in songwriting. I take pleasure in adapting various forms to connect with my audience. Whether through the instrument of my voice, a soul-stirring song, or an abstract composition, I relish every opportunity to bridge the gap and share the enchanting frequencies of this blend with my audience.

My new life became a canvas to rediscover and deepen my connection with the magic of music and theatre.

I think music, and I perform theatre, and sometimes I think theatre and I play music. I find myself seamlessly blending both realms, where one complements the other in a symphony of creativity. It's a magical fusion, and the moments when they harmoniously converge are genuinely extraordinary.

My journey is an ongoing exploration of new sounds, fresh perspectives, and innovative ways to 'be' this fusion and convey its transcendent resonance to those who listen."