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Exceptional artistic experiences and unforgettable memories.

Such a magical cooperation with Müslüm and Native

I'm so grateful to spread this beautiful message to the world.

17 May 2024

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Album Tour 2024

Almwaya Tour in Switzerland and Lebanon June/August  2023

Almwaya Music

It was a great pleasure to be part of this work with the Berner Band Troubas Kater.

Such a deep song and an important message for our planet and climate.

22. May 2023

Bachlin & Elkholy Music

First Album Release, 21 April 2023


New Single from Almwaya

16 Decembre 2022

Sassy Goose from @JohnBringwolves

Reworked and released by Almwaya as

“Wahed واحد”


"Ich habe Erfahrung als Künstler in zwei verschiedenen Kulturen und bin überzeugt davon, dass Musik frei, unfassbar und abstrakt ist. Sie öffnet den Geist. Sie ist unbegrenzt. Sie passt zu jeder Sprache und spricht jeden Menschen an. Musik ist meine Religion."

ITE Das Magazin / 3 | 2022

I'm very grateful and proud to be part of this unforgettable experience.

Almwaya's first Album Release, 27 May 2022

"Riding A Camel In The Middle Of The Sea"

Thousands of thanks to Aargauer Kuratorium to make this fantastic experience real.

I’ve spent three weeks of total inspiration and impulses in Athens. It wasn't just a research trip for music, but for connecting and communicating with a great culture and beautiful people and initiating a whole path that I'm very eager to explore more in the future.

November 2021

I'm honoured to be the music producer of this enriching event;

The annual meeting of ITI (Internationales Theaterinstitut-Zentrum Deutschland) under the title of Hybridity and Equality.

ITI Jahrestagung 2021

It was a great pleasure to be part of this festival with outstanding musicians!

Zäme Stah Festival 

SRF (Swiss Radio and Television)

24 / 26 December 2020

Porträt - SRF Play

Porträt - YouTube

Konzert - SRF Play

Konzert - YouTube

Before the premiere of Sirag performance in Berlin, I had the chance to talk about my work with Samah Altaweel in this Interview.

Interview on DW Arabic

4 October 2020

(برنامج (عندي حكاية 

Album wurzeln November 2019

... ganz besondere Klangwelten ... JAZZ'N'MORE – 01/2020

... eine hoch eigenwillige Klangwelt ...

Jazz Thing & blues rhythm  30 January 2020

Wael Sami Elkholy a un atout : sans faire de concession et dénaturer son authenticité, il a la préoccupation de séduire l'oreille occidentale ...

Sefronia - Chroniques musicales et des environs

Album Vorstellung auf Schweizer Radio SRF Kultur 2:



More infos

That is a precious project with the an outstanding person.

The idol Elham Manea.

Karamah - Würde - كرامة

Musikalisch-literarischer Abend

Wael Sami Elkholy - Gesang und Oud

Elham Manea - Texte


Press 1

Press 2

My passion for theatre and music were fulfiled in this wonderful


Otherworld "Coraline" (November 2019)

von Weltalm Theater

(Participant as a composer, singer, and performer)

Press 1

Press 2


That was a very special concert for me. Skies Calls is the first composition I wrote in Switzerland. It was a pleasure to perform the piece in this distinguished Festival among great composers and musicians.


in cooperation with Suisa

Radio Swiss Classic


KIB Kultur im Beaulieu

Participation as Composer & Singer

"Skies' Calls" for Voice & Tape

Murten Classics _ Live Concert Recording

Studio Recording _ on Youtube

Listen to the concert on Radio SRF Kultur 2

Full Critic in German

Hypatia Oratorio is one of the closest composition to my heart.

I worked with Ensemble Les Voc à Lise to form the libretto from remarkable women all over various eras. 

Hypatia and all other emancipated poets inspired me enormously. The Oratoria performed by the powerful eight women voices of Les Voc à Lise and the great Organ and Harmonium player Marc Fitze.

The work awarded the Composition contribution price from Aargauer Kuratorium and premiered in June 2016 in Bern. 

Article (in German)



I enjoyed this interview with Mats Staub very much

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