Wael Sami Elkholy
MA'AT RA' ماعت رع

MA'AT RA'    ماعت رع

Interdisciplinary Music Theater Performance

by (IMTGC)

In this Contemporary musical theatre performance, you will witness:

How a dancer can become a music composer ..

How a musician can display a painting with his music ..

And how an actor can perform a script as if it's a music track..

This performance shows how any artistic expression in a particular field can transform into a parallel expression in another creative area.

Ten artists from different fields with diverse talents will be presenting a contemporary performance and will exchange other methods of artistic expression using music, movement, and acting..

The idea behind this performance will be to portray how every method of artistic expression includes some musical cogitation, which contemporary art refers to as Interdisciplinary Theatrical Music.

The performance's idea has been inspired by the works of the American music composer John Cage in his book "Song Books" which is one of the most influential works that follow a "by chance" methodology and includes pieces of four kinds: songs, songs with electronics, directions for a theatrical performance, and suggestions for a theatrical performance with electronics.

And to apply the concept, the artists used Tarot cards which are cards used for fortune-telling.

And to merge this concept with the Ancient Egyptian heritage, they chose Ma'at Ra' cards - The Goddess of Truth & Justice for Ancient Egyptians.

Every card has a specific title and connotation. Every artist has to express three cards in three different artistic expressions with their particular artistic language using musical tracks, theatrical acts, or both together.

And through the artistic preparations for the performance with the assigned artists, and under the supervision of Wael Sami El Kholy & Pascal Viglino, these compositions will be merged and employed to frame an artistic performance that will last an hour.

The idea started through a workshop created by Composer Wael Sami Elkholy supported by The Swiss Arts Council' Prohelvetia' in March 2016.

The workshop was co-hosted by Swiss percussionist and composer Pascal Viglino. Along with Elkholy, both composers shared the essential principles for Interdisciplinary theatrical music with 10 participants from different fields and backgrounds.

Ma'at Ra' Documentary Film