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Up to date

In my work, I have the joy of making different things; sometimes as a singer, others as an actor, sometimes both. Very often, I write Music for theater plays where I sing and perform. Additionally, I coach some workshops in different artistic forms

Here is the latest update for my Projects and Compositions in 2019;


Time to move (September 2019 - June 2020)

Coraline (November 2019) 

von Weltalm Theater

(Participant as a composer, singer, and performer)

Premiere 2 November, 16:00

 and from 3 to 10 November

Schlachthaus Theater Bern

12 to 15 November

Theater Tuchlaube Aarau

Kairo Kater - ein literarisch-musikalischer Abend (Juni 2019)

Roman von Susanne Schanda

Musik: Wael Sami Elkholy

Karamah - Würde - كرامة

(Juni 2019)

Musikalisch-literarischer Abend

Wael Sami Elkholy - Gesang und Oud

Elham Manea - Texte


Die veschwundene Tunika (May 2019)

Familienkonzerte in der Abegg-Stiftung

Vital Julian Frey - Cembalo

Thomas Kocher - Clarinet

Wael Sami Elkholy - Oud & Voice

Titus Bellwald - Percussion
Susanne Flück - Conception & Moderation

Tönstör (May/Juni 2019)

"Kalila wa Dimna"

Scenic music stories for children

Workshop Instructor

Winterkrieg  (January 2019)

Theaterproduktion vom VORORT BERN

(Participant as a guest musician and singer)

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wurzeln (2019)

Solo Album

for Voice, Oud, E-Oud and Electronics

Release on November 29 with unit records

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