Interdisciplinary Music Theater Group Cairo (IMTGC)


Interdisciplinary Music Theater Group Cairo (IMTGC)




How can a DANCER become a MUSIC COMPOSER?

How can a MUSICIAN play music out of a PAINTING?

How can an ACTOR act the MUSIC?


How can any art form become music OR/AND music become any expression form of Art?



10 Egyptian artists with different skills (dance, music, visual, media arts, etc...) are mixing their expression practices in a contemporary form of Interdisciplinary Music Theater. The music is the central axle of the entire project.



The Interdisciplinary Music Theater Cairo is an artistic interaction and exchange project between Switzerland and Egypt to initiate a group of Egyptian artists, who will take the charge afterwards to develop, create and initiate a Musiktheater Alumni centered in Cairo, and spread the genre through their artistic work and projects in the Arab world.



The project is a cooperation between the Egyptian composer Wael Sami Elkholy and Prohelvetia Cairo. It is based on series of 6 workshops/phases over 3 years with different Swiss experts in the field Musiktheater.



1st Phase



The first phase took place in March 2016 with the Swiss composer, percussionist and performer Pascal Viglino.



During the first phase, coaches gave an introduction with theoretical clarifications in the field of interdisciplinary music theater followed with examples through videos and media links.

Afterwards they worked with all artists on individual musical theatrical fragments.

In addition Viglino gave a successful solo performance, which is considered as the first Interdisciplinary Music Theater performance in Egypt.



The cooperation with Pascal Viglino will go further in the second phase October/November 2016 to realize a big show of one hour, which based on the fragments and pieces from the participants themselves. The performance will take place in Falaki Theater – American University Cairo during the first week of November 2016.



The project will be continued with various Swiss artists in 2017/2018.



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