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New Traditional Music

In November 2013 Wael Sami Elkholy, a singer brought up in classical Arab music, teams up with classical occidental percussionist Titus Bellwald. Both had already crossed over into the other’s realm – Wael studying contemporary classical music and „Théâtre Musical“ and Titus studying percussion playing from various oriental traditions. What the two start to create together, they name for lack of a better term „New Traditional Music“. While they develop a repertoire just the two of them, they quickly realize, they need a Bass to fully bring the full potential of their work to bloom. While they find an amazing bass player for the recording with Björn Meyer they still need a permanent band member to perform the music live. Enter Emre Aydin, a Bass player with Turkish origins that perfectly completes the trio now called „ab3ad“ – the Arabic word for „dimensions“ (pronounced „ab’aad“).


Wael Sami Elkholy is an Egyptian singer brought up in the classical Arab musical tradition. From an early age he participated nation wide in theatrical and musical productions and later got popular among a young audience with a Pop album.

He then also studied contemporary classical composition and „théâtre musical“ in Switzerland and has long left the strictly traditional scene.

Titus Bellwald is a classically trained percussionist, who has always preferred travelling off the beaten path. From Ancient Music performance dove deep into the waters of mediterranean and oriental hand drum traditions. As a resident at Cité des Arts in Paris he enhanced his drums electronically and later also became a internationally reknown drum maker.

Emre Aydin grew up in a family of musicians. His love for Metal music leads him to Swiss Jazz School, where studying composition he discovers his love for Rock, Folk, Comedy and Jazz that he has been nurturing ever since in various bands.


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