Chamber Orchestra


Nachrichten (2011)





Oratorium/musikalisch-episches Werk


Uraufführung für 8 Frauenstimmen und Harmonium

Commission work Internationales Festival der Harmonium und Harmonika Instrumente

Ausführende: Les Voc-a-Lises,

Marc Fitze, Harmonium

Heiliggeistkirche Bern



Hohe Liebe (2014)

For Choir, C.bass and Organ.

Commission work for collegium vocale Bern



Chamber Music



Audition 2013

(for Flute Player/Performer)




Hand of God (2010)

Text from Emily Warn

(for Soprano and Grand Piano)

Commission work for ChamberBridge Ensemble San Francisco


Flaminco (2009)

(for Clarinet and Percussion)

Commission work for Zoo Bern





Waves and Knocks (2008)

(for Percussion, Oud and Soprano)

Shanghai Music Festival


Variation on a folk egyptian tune (1997)

(for Oboe, Violin and Cello)




Rhapsody Al-andalus (2000)

(for String Quartet)




Crescendo I (2010)

(for Nay, B.clarinet Bb, Oud, Violin and Viola)

Biennale Bern




Take a breath – Miniature (2014)

(for Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello und C.bass)

Commission work for dissonArt Ensemble

Festival für Neue Musik Forum Wallis



Large Chamber Ensemble


häläqätäk (2015)

(for Flute, Oboe d'Amore, B.Clarinet Bb, Harp, Piano, Violin,

and Cello)

Commission work for Ensemble Proton


FORT SCHRITT – Crescendo III (2011)

(for Flute, Clarinet Bb, B.clarinet Bb, Horn F, Accordion, Percussion,

Violin I, II and Cello I, II)

Bern Musikfestival, Finalist Kompositionswettbewerb Fluchtwege


Crescendo II (2011)

(for Flute, Clarinet Bb, and String Quintet)

Commission work for EECMS


Speechless Mask (2006)

(for Flute, Clarinet Bb, Percussion, Violin I, II , Viola and Cello)

ISCM Festival Stuttgart

Music Theater


Lyra Songs (2017)

Commission work for Klangbox Ensemble

Project Tilt


Bassara (2012)

A musical scene for vocalist and live electronics’ performer


Der Schleier (2012)

Music Theatre Piece for 7 performers


Ich weiss (2011)

A musical scene for solo violin

Klangwerkstatt Berlin


De lusion (2011)

A musical scene for Conductor, Flute, Lupophon,

Contraforte, Harp, Violin and Cello.

Commission work for Proton Ensemble



A composition for a special room

(for 4 percussion players and organ)


Inspiration/Attraction (2011)

A musical scene for 6 percussion players





Skies’ calls (2009)

(for Arabic Singer and Tape)

Bern Musik Festival


Elmouled (2005)

(for Flute and Electronics)

März Musik Festival, Berlin





Monyaty (2010)

(for Oboe, Violin, Contrabass, Guitar, Percussion, Tape and Film)

Commission work for Vortex Ensemble



Open room


Un cirque arabe (2013)

(for Jahrmarkt-Orgel)

Commission work for Bern Musikfestival 2013


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