“I’m not concerned to classify my work, and I don’t care about borders. I just leave my mind to breathe.”

UPCOMING Composition

wurzeln (2019)

Solo Album

for Voice, Oud, E-Oud and Electronics

Release on November 29 with unit records

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Halbeins Wort Musik Stille

27 November, 12:30

Wael Sami Elkholy, Gesang und Oud

Christoph Müller, Wort

Heiliggeistkirche Bern



Bern, November 2019

Other World "Coraline"

2 to 15 November

von Weltalm Theater

(Participant as a composer, singer, and performer)

Premiere 2 November, 16:00

 and from 3 to 10 November

Schlachthaus Theater Bern

12 to 15 November

Theater Tuchlaube Aarau

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Ancient love

Memories… Signs …

A girlfriend … a friend …

a place Sometimes … things

Days pass and write the history of our feelings … Dreams… truth … from both we weave an

Ancient Love

And we set off for years

And the idea lives The idea… of a memory …

of Ancient Love

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